Who Is There

If you are attending the conference, add you name here - tag yourself as local, if you are living in Berlin.

Name projects twitter/ mail/ web page local?/ travel dates
Isabel organiser/ Apache Mahout @MaineC local
Jan organiser, Apache CouchDB @janl local
Simon organiser/ Apache Lucene/ Apache Solr local
Nils organiser local
Jule organiser ed.gniknihtwen|egj#ed.gniknihtwen|egj local
Mathias Scalarium @roidrage local
Stephan brands4friends @codemonkeyism - http://codemonkeyism.com local
Hannes INFORMERA @hannescarlmeyer Hannover, arriving on Monday, leaving on Tuesday
Steven Outerthought @stevenn Belgium, flying in on Sunday and leaving on Tuesday night
Thomas Hadoop@Debian http://www.koch.ro Switzerland, staying for linuxtag
Alex crealytics @alexstockinger Bavaria, flying in on Sunday and leaving on Tuesday night
Eric Apache Cassandra @jericevans US, flying in on Sunday, leaving Friday Morning
Thibaut Trendiction Luxembourg, leaving Wednesday morning
Edlich Writing first NoSQL Book http://nosql-database.org local
Guido "sysop/tester" @zeph1ro, guidoserra.it Düsseldorf, flying in on Sunday and leaving on Tuesday night
Lukas liip.ch/resolutionfinder.org @dybvandal, pooteeweet.org ex-Berliner, arriving on Sat evening, leaving Thursday morning
Peter http://neo4j.org @peterneubauer Arriving on Sat morning, leaving Tuesday afternoon
Jilles van Gurp Nokia & OVI Maps, indexing location data in solr. http://www.jillesvangurp.com/contact local
Christoph Rueger Synesty @chrisrueger Jena
Stefan http://www.t-online.de http://twitter.com/suchkultur @suchkultur Frankfurt am Main
Torsten http://vafer.org/blog http://twitter.com/tcurdt @tcurdt local
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