Where To Sleep

If you are looking for a hotel in "central Berlin", please keep in mind that there is no such thing as one city center. Berlin is composed of various districts, each with its own city center. Depending on your preference, you can choose where to stay. The conference itself will be at Friedrichshain.

Basically there are about three cool and several other more quiet areas in Berlin. To get you a sense of where they are:

Hotel recommendations

There are various hotels close to the venue. A hint from the organisers: Best area to look for hotels is on or south of Karl-Marx-Allee/ Frankfurter Strasse. Just ask Google Maps for hotels there or HRS for booking.

  • We would recommend the Best Western close to the venue or the Nu Hotel.
  • There is a House Boat available in Friedrichshain (one of the young and busy districts of Berlin).
  • If you prefer to stay at a bed and breakfast location, consider having a look at the offers by 123berlinzimmer.

As we are at about the same address as DjangoCon EU was held, you can also check out the hotels listed there.

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