Local Meetups
Project/ Topic Organiser's name Time to meet Meeting point Where we go to
Apache Lucene/ Apache Solr Isabel 10a.m. on Sunday http://www.teeteathe.de/ We have brunch. Write an email to gro.ehcapa|lebasi#gro.ehcapa|lebasi until Friday evening so I can book a table.
Open Meetup Andi Guldner 11a.m. on Sunday S-Bhf. Gesundbrunnencenter http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/6050808/BE/Berlin/Berlin-Buzzwords-Tour-Unterwelten/Gesundbrunnen/?ps=5
Open Meetup Stefanie Frick 3p.m. on Sunday Brandenburger Tor in front of Hotel Adlon http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/6050821/BERLIN/Berlin/Berlin-Buzzwords-city-center-tour/Brandenburger-Tor/BERLIN/Berlin/Berlin-Buzzwords-city-center-tour/Hotel-Adlon/?ps=6
Open Meetup Michael Brückner 2p.m. on Sunday Häagen Dasz at Hackescher Markt http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/6050824/BE/Berlin/Berlin-Buzzwords-Summer-in-the-city-tour/Hagen-Dasz/?ps=6

Want to organise a local meetup at a bar? Add yourself here with information on where to meet, what to bring.

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